Complimentary gifts from Dr. Darnyelle and Team Incredible One to help you make your move to millions.


Move to Millions Method

The Move to Millions is a journey. Whether you’re after a solid, thriving mid to high multiple six figure business or you’ve got millions on your mind, you need this powerful resource to begin the planning process to jumpstart your move. Learn exactly how we consult with our clients to shift the trajectory of their lives because of their businesses anywhere on the Move to Millions Continuum. Download yours today.


5 Critical Hires

If you want to fully step into the role of Million Dollar CEO, you have to hire from your vision point not your vantage point. If you’re ready to step out of the “Chief Everything Officer” chare, then here are the 5 critical hires you need to work into your business growth plan ASAP.


Profit From Live Events

Events are THE best way to significantly change your life and business overnight. Let me show you how I plan events that have made me and my clients 6 and 7 figures in just a few days.


Shift to Millions

I know that for me, I was dreaming of millions long before it ever happened. Watch my personal case study to learn how to go from millions on your mind to millions in your bank account.


Bible Scriptures for Business Success

There has never been a more important time to lead with your faith in your business! We need God more than ever to become the true CEO of our businesses; you CAN love God and make lots of money.


Surrender Prayer & Mantra

Surrender is the most powerful action you can take to shift the trajectory of your life & business. This complimentary prayer and mantra offers a powerful centering point for today’s CEOs to pray for and surrender their desire for a million-dollar company to the Father. 


End of the Year Checklist

Let me show you exactly what you should be doing now to make sure you end each year strong, make an additional $100K in your business, and prepare for your best year yet so you can make your Move to Millions®.


Move to Millions Podcast

Each week, join award-winning business growth strategist, best selling author and international TEDx speaker Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon for expert insights, powerful interviews, weekly affirmations, and business growth strategy to help you make and move millions.

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